Clashes at Parliament: protesters arrested a drunk for assaulting a police officer

The head of national police of Kiev Andrey Krishchenko reported that during clashes at the Verkhovna Rada, the police detained one of the protesters who attacked the militiaman.

According to him, the detainee is already in the police station, he was charged with article 345 of the criminal code (infliction of bodily injury to an employee of the police), reports Ukrainian Pravda.

“Besides, test was conducted and determined that it is in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, about 1 ppm. He will be provided with legal aid if necessary, and if need be, and medical assistance,“ said Krishchenko, adding that there is another detainee who tried to pull a policeman out of action for equipment.

He also noted that during the confrontation injured eight police officers and two protesters.

“Eight police appealed for help, in civil, according to information from doctors, while two have minor scratches. The police, fortunately, also have minor injuries and suffered from gas,“ – said Krishchenko.

According to Interfax, first Deputy speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko and representatives of the protesters agreed that the Committee will consider the demands of the protesters.

Also discussed will be addressed to the Cabinet of Ministers during the “hour of questions“. According to Gerashchenko, the requirement will be announced to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to speak in the Parliament with their report and to relevant Ministers to hold meetings with representatives of the organizations.

According to Gerashchenko, starting Wednesday, June 20, in the committees of the Verkhovna Rada sessions will be held on all issues and demands of the protesters.

Commenting on the situation with the detained participant of the action, she said: “We will appeal to law enforcement bodies that the young man was released.“

As of 14:00, protesters began to disperse.

We will remind, on June 19 in the government quarter of Kiev in the morning of the campaign was hampered by traffic. Veterans of Afghanistan blocked the street Grushevskogo, pushing the authorities to social demands.