The head of the interior Ministry of Belarus about LGBT people: they do not pass

Minsk. June 7. INTERFAX – the Minister of internal Affairs of Belarus Igor Shunevich stated that his office is guarded moral standards in the country and expressed outrage at the lack of response from the public organizations on the rainbow flag, posted on the embassies of the US and the UK on may 17, the international day against homophobia.

“Anywhere they (LGBT persons – if) will not work. What do you mean, you can think of. MIA protects public order and morality of our country”, – said Igor Shunevich to journalists on Thursday in Minsk, responding to a question.

He noted that as Minister has nothing more to add to what he said earlier.

However, said I. Shunevich, in his private opinion as a citizen of the Republic, the situation with the flag was “a definite test of our civil society at its maturity, and it’s not really passed this test”.

“None of the public organizations, associations, groups of persons not troubled by this fact and asked to remove this item, which was posted in violation of the Vienna Convention defined. But, unfortunately, neither religious organizations nor the public did not react in any way to it,” continued the Minister.

Commenting on the statement by the British Ambassador Fiona Gibb on discrimination against LGBT representatives in the Republic of, I. Shunevich said, “We discriminate against criminals, to some extent, there are certain groups of citizens who in varying degrees have been and will be subject to some discrimination, as they themselves think”.

“I don’t think so. I believe that discrimination we have no no – there are rules of coexistence, in addition to laws, which should respect all, including representatives of foreign States”, – concluded the Minister.

As reported, the British Embassy and the United States on the international day against homophobia hung rainbow flags. However, in the Belarusian media extensively covered the appearance of the flag over the British Embassy.

A few days later, the interior Ministry issued a statement condemning the support of the Embassy of the United Kingdom LGBT rights in the Republic. In particular, the interior Ministry said that only “the Union of man and woman is at the head of the world order, and the government protects the Union, puts it under his special protection, granting exclusive rights, including political and legal aspects”.

In turn, the British Ambassador said about the discrimination of sexual minorities in the country. In particular, she noted that “in one study, Belarus is placed among the countries with the greatest discrimination against the LGBT community”.