Meeting Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN: the hopes and fears of the congressmen

Republicans speak in support of the President, the Democrats Express doubts about the success of the initiative

A few days before the historic summit of US President Donald trump, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN lawmakers-Republicans support the President, while Democrats Express doubt about the success of the upcoming meeting, but note that I do not want her to fail.

“I strongly hope that our President intends to stop North Korea’s nuclear program, but prefers to do it in a peaceful way, said the Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham. – I believe that at stake is the question of whether we have a war with North Korea. And the war will, if we do not resolve this nuclear standoff peacefully”.

The Republican Senator from North Carolina, Tom Tillis believes that trump has already surpassed expectations in the issue of relations with North Korea, which for many years has puzzled the American administration.

“We have seen how this President did what was not possible several of his predecessors: he began the discussion with Pyongyang,” said Tillis.

Democrats say that they support a diplomatic initiative, despite doubt as to what results it can bring.

“I want the President to succeed, says a leading Democrat in the Senate intelligence Committee, mark Warner. But I guess there was not enough planning that usually precedes such summits”.

“All we Americans have to hope for resolving this crisis, – said the Senator-the Democrat from new Jersey Cory Booker. – Let’s see what happens. I know how difficult all of this”.

Democrats are questioning trump’s ability to handle sensitive and highly complex nuclear negotiations, given how he showed himself as the Supreme commander so far.

“I have not seen the President’s attention to details in any issue, says Warren. – He made the right decision by ZTE, a Chinese telecommunication company, which is a threat to national security, but at the first resistance from Beijing went back on their word. It does not inspire me with confidence in the outcome of the negotiations with North Korea, which has long shown his ability to artfully negotiate.”

The trump amplified these concerns during the meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe at the White house. Asked about the preparations for the summit in Singapore, the President said: “I think I’m very well prepared. I think I do especially not need to prepare. It’s all in the attitude, willingness to solve problems”.

Tillis believes that doubt in the trump attention to detail are a exaggeration. In addition to the summit with the President will head a team that will be able to assist him.

“All officers, whether the head of the country or a large company, are always surrounded by experts who help them to fill the gaps,” he said.

“I like the mood of the President trump the situation with North Korea – wide view and determination, says Graham. – I think this summit will begin the process. A successful meeting can be considered if after it will begin a serious negotiation process, limited in time. North Korea always pulls the time of entering into the agreement, which later comes out. This has to stop”.