“I see Russia as a threat. See it as a competitor”

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, June 7, held a regular straight line. She became the 16th and first in his new presidential term. This year’s line goes in a new format — no guests in the Studio, but with calls to governors and other officials. Them in advance recommended to be connected in case of their patronage of the region will come the complaint. “Ribbon.ru” has collected the most striking quotes of the President.About the movement in the white side

“If you say such categories as “white”, “black”, “gray”, in which lane we are now, we are moving toward sustainable white. Of course, nature is never absolute purity of anything. View in the Arctic, the Antarctic seems to be absolutely full white, white desert, and even still there are certain inclusions and grey, and black colors. So have we. But we are moving in the right direction. What gives you reason to say so and think so? First, we went to the path of sustainable economic growth”.About rising gasoline prices

“This is unacceptable, it’s wrong, but I must admit that this is the result of inaccurate, to put it mildly, of the regulation, which was introduced recently in the field of energy, in the field of energy.”

“What was done: first, a discounted excise tax for gasoline, 3, diesel fuel for 2 thousand 3 and 2 thousands. It was decided to cancel the previously planned, from 1 July this year, a further increase in excise duties, it will not. By the autumn of this year should be additional measures to stabilize the situation on the market. I assume that the Government will be to strictly follow this approach, and the Federal Antimonopoly service will make the relevant decisions, will not look at the events through your fingers”.About Dmitry Medvedev, who was in the government

“You know what it is. The fact that the development plan, the necessity of which we have been talking for the last years, was prepared by the previous Government for the last at least year and a half. I know that if we are 100 per cent cleared all the Government and bring brand new people, even people very competent, well-trained, a minimum of two years would be required to formulate new or existing tasks, or new. We would have lost at least two years. We have these two years.”About “traditional” Amnesty

“Honestly, I don’t know of such a tradition. We have such a tradition, first, no, second, the granting of Amnesty under the law — not the prerogative of the President and the Parliament – the State Duma. And from time to time we do it, I support such initiatives. They should be well prepared and must be caused by some internal reasons and needs, not external circumstances, even such important domestic events as the election of the President.”About the high cost of flights to the far East

“The first thing to do is to expand and to extend the application time, the use of subsidies. But this private, piecemeal solutions. And finally, the most important decision taken by the government yesterday or the day before, the decision on zero VAT on these shipments. This is the first very important step in reducing the cost of tickets”.About the accusations of Russia and sanctions

“Repeatedly spoke about this, I can only repeat. It’s like this, you see, the method of containment of Russia, as well as the notorious sanctions. Endless accusations formed the basis for the application of restrictive measures against Russia. Why is this being done? See Russia as a threat, I see that Russia is becoming a competitor.”About the prospects of a third world war

“We can recall Einstein: “I do Not know what method will be conducted a third world, but I know that the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones”. Understanding that world war III may be the end of today’s civilization, this understanding should we hold back from the extreme and extremely dangerous actions on the international arena.”

“Fear of mutual destruction has always kept powers from any sudden movements and were forced to respect each other.”On the occurrence of Ukrainian Donbass for the 2018 world Cup

“I hope that these provocations will not come. If that happens, I think that this will have very serious consequences for Ukrainian statehood in General.”

“And it is impossible to intimidate the people who live in these territories, LC, DNR”.Banning Instagram, YouTube and Telegram

“I understand your concern and I understand the concerns of those people with whom you work online. We aren’t going to close. Well aware of the situation with the Telegram. I am worried too. You know what? For the safety of the people.”

“I worked in security, and understand that it is easier to deny, harder to find a civilized solution. Therefore, I will encourage all my colleagues to follow this path. It is for the use of intelligence agencies and law enforcement authorities, modern means of fighting crime, neogranichenniy space of freedom, including on the Internet”.About “unsinkable” Vitaly Mutko

“Despite the fact that his English definitely needs improvement, during the years of his work as Minister of sport and Deputy Prime Minister had done”.

“Here, the facilities in Sochi were engaged not only Kozak, but Mutko. And the stadiums for the world Cup? This is largely Mutko did. Of course, Mr Mutko have a lot to do in order to manifest their best qualities, I hope that this will happen. We know what the attack on him was made in connection with the doping scandal, In these circumstances, to put him out to pasture — it is impossible. And the potential good results. Let it work”.Sacrifices the President

“The personal sphere of human life. It is inevitable. But there are very powerful compensator. All this compensates for the fact that you’re doing very important, important, unique business aimed at improving the welfare of millions of people and strengthening the most important thing a man can have — the Motherland”.About the last any joke

“Recently one of the very famous and popular editions in Germany, wrote that the President trump pushes Europe into the hands of Putin. If you combine this with the fact that Russia has affected U.S. elections, then it sounds quite funny. Complete nonsense”.About raising the retirement age

“I have always treated and continue to treat it extremely cautiously and carefully. I would like to draw attention, and this is one of the key objectives that I formulated before the government is to increase incomes of pensioners, and a significant increase in. This is based on the solution of another important task of halving the number of people who live below the poverty line. What measures will be proposed by the government, we will know in the near future.”About the future of electric cars in Russia

“Many countries stimulate the development of environmentally friendly modes of transport, including electric vehicles. For us, it has a certain specificity, because in order to produce energy and recharge electric vehicles, it is necessary to have a primary source, and in the world as it is a paradox, this is mainly used coal.”

“The primary source, much greener, is gas. And if to speak about improvement of the situation in this area, we need to go to natural gas”.On citizenship for refugees from Donbass

“It is a great tragedy of Ukraine, Ukrainian people and our compatriots. I have always treated Ukraine as a brotherly country. But there are specific people and specific problems. It’s embarrassing to hear about the problems with employment. I have already instructed the migration service to make the relevant proposals, that’s all you need to do, I state it again the head of the interior Ministry”.

“We should go the way of liberalization of everything connected with acquisition of Russian citizenship. It has both humanitarian and economic dimension due to the difficult demographic situation in Russia.”About the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

“Large-scale fighting, especially with the use of the Russian armed forces, has virtually stopped. In them even there is no need. On the agenda – the settlement by peaceful means”.About the dump

“We have to radically change this situation. Until 2024 we need to build 200 plants of waste disposal. It is certainly not about some “stoves”, which only worsen the situation, and the enterprises with advanced technology”.About the possibility of sharing Vyshinsky on.

“Our journalist Wyszynski in fact detained and arrested are now in Ukraine for his direct professional activities, for the performance of journalistic functions. This is a totally unacceptable policy.”

“As for the other person involved, Mr. Sentsov, who was detained in the Crimea, not because of their journalistic activities, and for preparing terrorist attacks, the preparation of an explosion. It’s different and disparate things.”

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