BBC to show Tessa Jowell last days

BBC/ Firecrest Films

The Panorama program of the BBC is to air a documentary, with the end of Tessa Jowell, who died this month, aged 70.

It will follow his last days with brain cancer as she has fought a campaign to improve the care of cancer patients in the UNITED kingdom.

The former culture secretary, was shot in the side of her daughter Jess as she made pressure to the government.

Jowell demands of funding changes lead to a commitment from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to carry out his proposal.

These included giving more access to tests and treatments for the cancer had been underfunded compared to previous years.

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Dame Tessa, also, offered to share his health data in a universal cancer database and wanted more people to do the same.

After his death, the government has agreed to donate £20m to Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer the Mission of Research, doubling funding to £40m in the next five years.

She has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in May 2017.

His tumor Glioblastoma Multiform is the most common and most deadly brain tumor – three in four people diagnosed with his type of brain cancer are dead within a year.

Despite this, it has received less than 2% of the funds for the research and has not had any significant new treatments for 50 years.

Brain cancer is becoming more common, and the UK has one of the lowest survival rates in Western Europe.

His daughter, Jess, said in the documentary: “The only time I saw the mom crying when I am sick, was not sitting in the waiting room and had what he described as absolutely heart-breaking awareness that those who had the privilege of access or income may live longer because of that, and could not die much earlier because of it.

“And in his words, that is the most despicable example of inequality. In those moments, his mission has been identified.”

Tessa Jowell: the Latest Campaign will be aired on Monday 4 June at 7.30 pm on BBC One.

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