Trump: presentation to Tennessee

The President seeks to consolidate Republicans ahead the midterm elections to Congress

On the eve of intermediate Congressional elections of the President of the United States Donald trump is seeking to consolidate the power of the Republicans that will help him in promoting his programs and interfere with the Democrats to get a majority in Congress.

On Tuesday, the trump goes to Nashville, Tennessee to speak to their most loyal supporters at the event to raise funds in favor of Marsha Blackburn, the leading candidate of the party for the post in the Senate from that state.

As expected, the election of Blackburn to fight with former Governor Phil Bredesen for the post of the outgoing Senator, Republican Bob Corker. The campaign in Tennessee is one of the key to maintain control over the Senate, where Republicans currently have a majority in the two places.

In the coming months, trump plans to take part in a series of political events, promoting Republicans and stressing that Democrats obstruct his legislative agenda. Earlier this month, the President held a similar event in Indiana, speaking there, along with Republican Mike brown and strongly criticizing Senator Joe Donnelly, who, according to him, is part of the “Washington swamp” and is opposed to the promotion of the Republican agenda.

“We are not complacent. We can not, – said trump, speaking in Elkhart, Indiana. – We need to elect more Republicans who can really bring results to our citizens.”

Earlier Tuesday, trump wrote on Twitter that the investigation, which is headed by spectracolor Mueller, may affect the November election, and accused the Democrats in the “conspiracy”. The President wrote on Twitter: “13 angry Democrats (plus the people who worked 8 years for Obama), who lead a witch hunt on Russian business, will interfere in the mid-term elections (Congress And), especially now that the Republicans (keep it!) lead in the polls. There was no conspiracy, except the Democrats”.

The President has also published a Twitter post in support of a candidate for Governor of California Republican John Cox. In addition, in view of President was Montana, where he won a convincing victory in the elections of 2016 and where now trying to get re-elected the Democratic candidate Jon Tester. In both States primaries scheduled for June 5.

Later this week, the President will participate in a fundraiser in Texas in favor of Republican candidates and his own re-election in 2020.

In Tennessee, there is a tendency to elect senators centrists, however, the election campaign can complicate the uneven relations of the Corker with trump. Corker once said that trump has turned the White house into a “kindergarten for adults”, trump wrote on Twitter that the Corker will not elect, in Tennessee, even the most insignificant post.

However, on Saturday, Corker has visited the White house and received a laudatory review from the President in connection with his role in the liberation of a prisoner in Venezuela, which occurred after a surprise encounter of the Senator with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro in Caracas.

In his final year in the Senate, Corker called Bredesen his friend and promised not to actively campaign against him.

Trump, in turn, in April supported the candidacy of Blackburn, writing on Twitter that she was “a wonderful woman who was always there when we needed her,” and has proved itself in matters related to the armed forces, border security and crime.

Blackburn, who served as the team trump during the transition period, said he supported the President and called himself “a staunch conservative from Tennessee.”

Bredesen, which expects to become the first democratic Senator from Tennessee since al Gore in 1990, released teleroliki, which States that he was “not running against Donald trump”, and that he realized long ago that you need to separate ideas from those of their broadcasts.