Inbred children of the infamous Colt incest family secret video

SECRET of videos featuring the children of the infamous Colt incest family reveal allegations of violence and murder threats, while in the care.

Online videos, obtained exclusively by the the au, have been recorded by five of the boys removed from the Colt clan after it was revealed that they were the product of incestuous relations. The boys are the sons of the Colt, the matriarch of the family, Betty and her sister Martha. Martha’s five children were all the result of the relationship with a brother, a father or another parent.

The records contain allegations of beatings while in a foster home or homes, and alleged threats to kill the Colt family.

The five boys of Colt, who has recorded the videos — now, between 13 and 18 years — were taken into foster or residential care in 2012, after having removed the incest clan.

All five in the video, at one point expressed to the authorities their desire to be restored by the care of their mothers.

Billy Colt, one of the five boys of Colt incest family, video online, the claims of the people threaten to kill their family.

Brian Colt in one of the incest family videos online.

Karl Colt said in the video, he was threatened.

The Police in the arrest of a Colt family member in South Australia earlier this month. Photo: NSW Police

Betty Colt to be led away after being found guilty in 2013 kidnap plot of his son Billy and Bobby.Billy Colt allegations of death threats against incest in the family0:42

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