Van Gogh landscape sells for 7 million euros


An early landscape painting by Vincent Van Gogh has sold for 7 million euro (£6.2 m; $8.3 m) at an auction in Paris.

Painted in 1882, in a Fishing net Menders in the Dunes depicts peasant women working on the land, inspired by the countryside around The Hague, in the Netherlands.

It was purchased by an American collector after a bidding war that pushed the price above its estimate of € 3 million-€5m.

The painting is the first Van Gogh to be auctioned in France for more than 20 years.

“And recovered a price so high, because there are very few Van Gogh on the market,” said the auctioneer, Francis Briest.

“You can only find them in private collections or museums, and, therefore, buyers are willing to pay a fortune for a work of this quality and importance”.
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Van Gogh painted the work when he was 29 years old, during a formative period spent near The Hague.

“We have already found all the characteristics of a Vincent painting, especially its treatment of the landscape,” said Bruno Jaubert, associate director of modern art at the auction house Artcurial.

The painting was the only landscape work of Van Gogh product at the time, Mr. Jaubert said.

The last sale at the Paris auction of a Van Gogh painting was The Garden at Auvers, sold in the mid-1990s for $ 10 million.