Near Kiev minibuses insulted the orphan girl

Near Kiev the driver of the commuter bus No. 332 (704), which runs from the capital to Kyiv, has accused the orphan girl in the presentation of forged documents and swearing denied free passage.

This was reported in the Facebook group in My brewery.

Eyewitness of the incident wrote in the social network that the driver was aggressive and responded with screams.

“In the bus there was not a single pensioner, and was seated only 5 passengers. Cried: Can you imagine such an identity written, no such law!“ – described the situation a woman.

She added that he had asked the girl to give her a card and reminded the driver about the rules of transportation of children-orphans, to which he replied indecent gestures and obscene language.

“The bus does not even have a memo on transportation of preferential categories than grief-the driver and appealed. Been proved right well folded shape of the fingers and compliments with expletives. Everything for the children and their safety in our city!“ – said the eyewitness.

We will remind, on March 9 decision of the Khmelnitsky city Council, the minibus taxi driver No. 38, which insulted the widow of the deceased in the Donbass scout of the national guard Oleksandr Boyko, was sent to the combat zone “humanitarian mission“.

Earlier, on 13 December 2017, in Vyshneve Kiev region ATO veterans schooled the bus driver who refused free to take the son of their deceased sister.