Media reported the arrival in Crete of two American reconnaissance aircrafts

ATHENS, April 12 — RIA Novosti. Two us reconnaissance aircraft landed at the airport in Heraklion in Crete, the website Iefimerida.

According to the publication, the planes of the MC-12S EMARSS and MC-12W Liberty, they were used during large aircraft operations “enduring freedom” in Afghanistan and Iraq. Aircraft of this type were used during the U.S. operations of a smaller scale in Africa and Latin America.

Crete is a large American military base in Court. According to the newspaper “Vima”, the base of the US and the UK in Cyprus, apparently, will play a key role in the case of a military operation in Syria.

American spy plane RS 135 V 9 APR soared with Courts and flew over the coastline of the Eastern Mediterranean to collect information.

Base in Court played a key role in several wars in the countries of South-Eastern Mediterranean and the wider region around them. Its role was decisive in the Arab-Israeli war of 1973. Souda Bay was vital to the U.S. Navy in respect of the supply of the sixth fleet. The war in Yugoslavia, the base of the Court served the operational requirements of NATO as a center for espionage and as a center for air operations. The same role it played in the American attack on Libya in 1986 and then in other operations, the newspaper said.

As for the British bases of Akrotiri and Delicia in Cyprus, then they can act without informing the Cypriot government: territory bases are under British sovereignty, the newspaper said.

The report said also that Cyprus has also British modern radar. In addition, in the framework of the American system of tracking and interception of communications Echelon operates station Agios Nikolaos in Famagusta, and in the case of Syria, she will also have an important role to play, says the newspaper.