In Kiev began the invasion of the butterflies: knocked down

Since the beginning of this week, residents of Kiev and guests of the capital were surprised by the large number of black-and-orange butterflies.

A rare phenomenon is being actively discussed in social networks, users share photos.

“Look, what a fantastic phenomenon? Around the Hem of the butterfly, very much. I have only near the entrance of the fly pieces 20, if not more. Near the office in Isolation is the same story. I’ve never seen,“ wrote Alina Belous.

“This means that in the near future Kiev will flood the track, which until July vyzhret all the greens,“ he answered her in the comments.

A huge number of butterflies observed in different parts of the capital.

“The butterfly effect – a term in the natural Sciences, denoting a property of some chaotic systems: a small impact on the system may have large and unpredictable consequences, including in a totally different place (with) P. S hem knocked down,“ – said Olga Kurishko.

“In Kiev today is the Day of the butterfly“ – wrote in the social network of Karina Samokhvalova.

Meteorologist Natalia Didenko said: “Butterflies today in Kiev, so much that finally clear – it’s summer.“ She said that butterflies live about 3-4 weeks and they need a temperature not below +12 degrees.

“And according to the forecast, soon, on the night of 7 June, the temperature drops to low, to + 7 + 12 degrees! Maybe butterflies so today I hasten to naletchicy?..“, – posted by forecaster.

According to a member-correspondent of NAS of Ukraine, Professor, doctor of biological Sciences, head of the Department of entomology of Institute of Zoology of NAS of Ukraine Valeriy Korneev, a large number of butterflies in the capital arose due to favorable weather conditions.

“Sancevic black-red (Nymphalis xanthomelas) – the so-called butterfly that tens of thousands showed up today everywhere in Kiev – is a caterpillar, feeding on various deciduous trees, mostly willows and poplars. Last year was particularly favorable, and adult butterflies last year were numerous. Spring this year was “instant“, so the butterflies that survive to spring in secluded places, lay their eggs almost simultaneously, on the first favorable day,“ explained Facebook in the situation the entomologist.

According to him, in may, all tracks rezvilis quickly and almost simultaneously made their cocoons.

He stressed that his colleagues from Europe and to Central Asia “see a catastrophic decline in the numbers of most species of butterflies“: due to unpredictable natural conditions and human influence – the use of pesticides, ploughing of land and burn the grass – they irreversibly reduce the habitats and die.

“Our hero is sancevic black-red – resistant, easy to migrate and find food everywhere, so the flash strength gave such, that he saw everything“, – said Korneev.

As reported June 4, the mass death of bees has already happened in the second region of Ukraine.