Dozens of Europeans boarded the “Train of friendship” to Russia

More than a hundred residents of Germany and other European countries went to Russia for the “friendship Train” with the aim of developing public diplomacy. It is reported by TASS on Tuesday, June 5.

The train went from Berlin to Moscow the night before his passengers plan to stay in the country for about 10 days to visit different regions and feel the atmosphere of the upcoming world Cup. The trip was organized by nonprofit organization Global Druschba e.V. (“Friendship”).

The goal of the trip, according to them, is the development of public diplomacy and the rapprochement between Russians and Europeans. It is also noted that Russia went to “ordinary people, representatives of completely different strata of society.”

This is the third major project of “Friendship”, aimed at public diplomacy. In 2016 against the background of anti-Russian sanctions about 235 people in Germany made the race around Russia. A year later a similar action was attended by 343 people from 16 countries.