Bridge in Kyiv could collapse at any moment – designer Rosnovski

This Kiev bridge was commissioned on 5 Nov 1965. To date, according to the designer of bridges, co-author of the project of the bridge in Kyiv Georgiy Rosnovski, the design is on the verge of collapse.

This he said on air of Gromadsky radio.

“This bridge was to stay there 100 years if to follow him. But this bridge, subway in 30 years began to cause great concern. Because the survey showed that there are a lot of cracks, and the fittings are in poor condition. Why is this happening? During the construction of two semi arch-tightening the coupling, which are straining beams of the fixtures so the beam valves be insulated. Screed concrete elements tied these bundles, and they rusted. They needed capital to do a special tape, or place the tubes in the channels, and then filled with a solution, but did not. This bridge is in very poor condition,“ – said Rosnowski.

Thus, according to the designer, the repair is not possible, because it will not help, needs renovation.

“To do this slowly to see the way automovement, disassemble, some designs, and instead of two lanes to do three lanes. I have made such a project. Yes, for ten years as a banned traffic on the bridge for heavy transport, but still the bridge is in danger. I have other materials and examinations, which clearly says that the bridge-rail may collapse at any moment unexpectedly. Start in one place and, like dominoes, going on all the spans. And another indicator: when I was in bridge-subway, gave tremendous, pressure, and lowering of the hinges was 3 cm, removed the load has been zero. And now hinge has dropped by 23 cm and does not rise,“ added Rosnovski.

The publication notes that the Kyiv city state administration and the Transport Department of the Kyiv state administration has so far failed to provide a comment regarding this information.

It is worth noting the Metro bridge – the first metro bridge across the Dnieper in Kiev. Along with the Rusanovskiy bridge it connects the right-Bank part of Kiev with Rusanovka, the left-Bank array, Voskresenka, Forest, recreation area of the Park. On the right Bank of the Dnieper river bridge completes the Dnipro station of the Kiev metro.

As reported on may 17, in Russia collapsed bridge of International friendship.