Belotserkovets: We require Naftogaz to give the city the gas and turn on the hot water

Kiev administration demands from NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine“ to sign a temporary gas supply agreement. This became known from the post of mayor of Kiev and the people’s Deputy Dmitry Belotserkovets on the social network Facebook on the results of the briefing in the Verkhovna Rada.

“Residents and the city administration demands from NAK “Naftogaz“ to sign a temporary contract with KP “Kievteploenergo“ for the supply of gas to provide the residents of the capital with hot water and, potentially, to undertake timely preparation for the heating season,“ said Belotserkovets.

The MP considers the actions of “Naftogaz“ blackmail and says that the city will not take over the debts of a private organization.

“In the unique situation where the community of Kiev regaining control in the capital assets and changes of the provider “Kyivenergo“ to KP “Kievteploenergo“,“ Naftogaz “is blackmailing the city administration and Kiev, demanding to assume the debts of a private company. This is unacceptable!“ – said the adviser to Kyiv mayor.

According to him, the question of heredity and the structure of the debt can be settled exclusively by the court.

“It is particularly ironic the situation is against the background that the capital remains without hot water, and “Naftogaz“ demands a prize of $ 40 million, instead of the operational stabilization of the energy issue,“ – said Dmitry Belotserkovets.

Recall that the Supervisory Board of “Naftogaz“ voted to pay $ 45 million in bonuses to the management Board of the company in connection with the victory in the Stockholm arbitration court over the Russian “Gazprom“.