Sydney train users filmed allegedly up skirts with his smartphone

NSW police, 36-year-old Samuel Tjin say deliberately took on the lowest level of the trains between the South West of Sydney and the city CBD — what is waiting for him with a view to the top of those patiently on the platforms for their train.

From this position, the police claimed to films that Bankstown resident Mr Tjin used his smartphone up the skirts of unsuspecting women.

A spokeswoman for the New South Wales Police said, Mr Tjin, was arrested for the alleged crime in his home last Wednesday.

Mr Tjin, has been charged with 13 offences. Picture: Channel 9

He has now been charged with 13 offenses in connection with filming private parts without consent. Two of the charges relate to girls under the age of 16.

The arrest him after concerned commuters allegedly caught Mr Tjin in fact and filmed on their smartphones.

Footage filmed by someone standing on the platform down to Mr Tjin and aired on A Current affair last night, shows the alleged pervert looking straight forward, as the angle of his Smartphone camera up to the platform.

“It was more than someone to just play around with your phone and take pictures of the landscape outside,” NSW police traffic and Public safety and security command Assistant Commissioner Karen Webb told A Current affair. “It was a conscious attempt, the film under the clothing of the women.

Mr Tjin said, A Current affair, that what he did was ‘wrong’. Picture: Channel 9

“The films private parts, or upskirting, as it is commonly known is a serious matter and it is punishable by up to five years in a Situation of escalation, in which the victim is under 16.”

If channel 9 Mr Tjin, who is currently out on bail, approached, and was before Bankstown local court on June 13, he said, what he did “wrong”.