In Kiev the car Geely MK brought down two pedestrians

In Kiev goloseyevsky Avenue the accident occurred. Geely MK brought down two pedestrians – a man and a woman. On Monday, June 4, according to

It is reported that the accident occurred near a supermarket ATB, around 11:00, at Goloseevskiy Prospekt, 112. The car crashed into the pedestrians crossing the road at the site with an inoperative traffic lights. After the car hit people, the man was able to get up and move side.

When the ambulance arrived the woman also rose to his feet and crossed the road where it was loaded into the ambulance. Witnesses to the accident reported that the man was taken away by the medics. Both victims received injuries of moderate and severe degrees of severity. Geely driver was not injured.

The witnesses also noticed that the traffic lights on the crossing were not working in the morning. On-site work by the police, which sets out the exact cause of the accident.

Recall, June 1, in Kiev, Isuzu truck also brought down two pedestrians – a man and a woman. The accident occurred on the street Shcherbakovskaya on Nivki.