Faking my death Babchenko is an immoral act, says Metropolitan Hilarion

Moscow. June 4. INTERFAX – the head of the Synodal Department for external Church relations Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk considers immoral the situation with the dramatization of the death of the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko.

“I think faking my death is itself an immoral act, because everyone has relatives who have relatives – maybe someone has told you, but because someone didn’t warn you, many have experienced trauma, someone could survive a heart attack, people could start feeding, and maybe someone has already filed a note for the repose of this man,” said the Hierarch in the program “Church and world” on the channel “Russia-24”.

The Bishop noted that in this case, “the whole world bragged about his death, and then suddenly this man appears in front of the cameras, as in the famous film “Office romance” when the funeral Bublikova collected money, and then suddenly he appears, and all come in amazement.”

“It’s one thing when it happens in comedies, and another thing – real life, it becomes a tragicomedy,” – expressed his opinion of Metropolitan Hilarion.

In this Chapter he noted that, “thank God the man is alive, but badly that thus deceived many people, made people worry caused them to worry and created this wild situation”.

The evening of may 29 at first the media and then the government of Ukraine reported that the Russian journalist A. Babchenko, who from 2017 worked on the TV channel ATR in Kiev, allegedly shot and killed in the stairwell of his home in the capital of Ukraine.

The next day the head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak said that information about “the murder” by A. Babchenko was part of a special operation of the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities aimed at preventing the assassination of a journalist, and A. Babchenko came to the crowd for briefing the media.

During the same briefing, V. Hrytsak announced the arrest in Kiev on Wednesday, the organizer of “murder” by A. Babchenko, who offered his friend the participant of military operations in the Donbass $30 million and gave him $15 thousand for the direct execution of the crime to which he agreed. All in all, the organizer of the crime in General, talked about the elimination of 30 people in Ukraine and committed “murder” by A. Babchenko was a trial.