Human rights activists urge to establish in Moscow a monument to unborn children

Moscow. June 1. INTERFAX – member of the Russian human rights movement “Women for life” in the eve of the International day of children protection, has initiated the collection of signatures under a petition to the installation in Moscow of a monument to unborn children.

“Together, we can become the voice for these children, a voice that never sounded,” wrote the activists in the social network, urging them to sign the petition and to participate in the project.

The authors of the petition reminded that almost a million children in Russia become victims of abortion: in 2016, according to the Committee, was committed 836 611 abortion, that is, 2292 baby per day, or nearly 100 children every hour.

“Every two minutes three Russian child as a result of abortion lose their lives, and not born… And this is only the official statistics, real figures may be significantly higher,” write the activists.

In their opinion, should encourage the community to think about this “terrible problem” and a major step is to install the monument to unborn children in Moscow.

“World experience shows that such monuments can very seriously affect the hearts and minds of people, to help them to abandon the terrible decision to have an abortion,” say prolifera.