Twitter bans women against trans ideology”

BBC/Richard Ansett

Twitter is the prohibition to women to speak against the dangerous dogma of trans ideology”, a feminist group has said.

In a letter to Twitter, the director, Martha Lane Fox, the ” Fair Play for Women, says that the company is allowing “a coordinated attack on women’s freedom of speech”.

But trans activist Ashleigh Talbot said the group’s letter tries to “mount” the hatred against trans people.

Twitter has said its rules are applied in the same way for every user, regardless of the comment that they take.

Fair Play for Women describes itself as a group of “ordinary women” who claim that “in the rush to reform transgender read more” women’s voices not to be heard.

It is said that Twitter users have been banned for having said, “basic, incontrovertible biological fact” as to say men are not women.

Their letter link to the comments, that says that it has led to people being banned from the site:

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Transsexual writer Miranda Yardley said that she has been banned from Twitter for saying that a Green Party spokesman is a man – in spite of Aimee Challenor, who describes herself as a transwoman.

Writing on his blog said: “According to the rules of Twitter is now hateful conduct to call someone who is a man, a man.

“The implication of this is that the concept of the proscribed speech, the things that we are now not allowed to say, now extends to the truth. This is fundamentally illiberal.”

Fair Play to the Women also said that women receive abuse for talking about “their biology” – including the threat of violence and referred to as Terfs (trans-excluding radical feminists).

The group has invited Martha Lane Fox – who is also a member of the House of Lords – to use his location on Twitter to “stop allowing the bullying men of the police, our language, threaten us and abuse us.”

But trans activist Ashleigh Talbot said the letter “try not to do anything but mount a further hatred against trans and non-binary people, calling dangerous”.