Giuliani: Trump the right data about the informant before he will agree to talk with Mueller

The lawyer of the President by Fox News

The lawyer of the President of Donald trump, Rudy Giuliani said that the President wants to know the details of classified information about the FBI’s investigation concerning the Russian intervention in the election, which was received by legislators before it takes a decision on the conversation with special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Speaking on Fox News–≤ Sunday, Rudy Giuliani said: “If they don’t show us these documents, we’ll just have to say ‘no’.”

Giuliani wants to obtain information about the use of a government informant who had contact with the staff of the electoral headquarters of the trump to try to gather information about Russia’s efforts to influence the presidential elections. Trump made unsubstantiated statements about the misconduct and political bias of the FBI, calling the informant “spy.”

Trump’s lawyer said the President wants to hold a conversation with Mueller. While Giuliani said he personally can’t recommend this, if this conversation is a “trap for the indictment for perjury under oath”.