U.S. intelligence: two briefings for legislators on “the Russian case”

The meeting was organized following statements about the introduction of the informant in the campaign headquarters trump

U.S. lawmakers, including some Democrats, on Thursday will attend a closed briefing of FBI representatives and the Ministry of justice regarding the investigation of the Russian intervention in the elections after the President, trump said that the FBI has implemented in his campaign headquarters informant.

As expected, the first meeting will be to present two Republicans and no Democrat. The Congress will provide secret information associated with unsupported accusations trump in the introduction to his campaign headquarters.

Another briefing will be held for leading Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and House of representatives, according to the Ministry of justice.

As told in the Wednesday White house spokesman Raj Shah, the second briefing will be held after memorial Day, which is celebrated on Monday.

The leader of Senate Democrats Chuck Schumer on Wednesday said that Democrats need to attach to the process as opposed to worrying trends, when the allies of the President, distort facts and undermine the credibility of the investigation.

Schumer welcomed the decision to hold a briefing for leaders of both parties, however, have wondered why you need a separate briefing for the two Republican members of the house of representatives Devin Nunes and Trey Gaudi, who heads the Committee on intelligence and oversight.

“Why do we need a separate briefing, if not to sow inter-party discord?” – on Tuesday, said Schumer.