The Armenian Parliament could not begin work from-for absence of quorum

YEREVAN, may 2 — RIA Novosti. The speaker of the Armenian Parliament Ara Babloyan has announced the next meeting of the legislature invalid because of lack of quorum, out of 105 deputies to attend the meeting signed up only 33 when necessary for a quorum of 53 members.

According to the regulations of the Parliament, the session shall be valid if duly registered, more than half of the total number (105) of the deputies. If the number of registered deputies is not enough for a quorum, then the registration continues to constitute a quorum, but not more than four hours. On Wednesday, supporters of opposition MP Nikol Pashinian, who on the eve of the Armenian Parliament was elected Prime Minister of the country, to block throughout the country streets, roads, highways and bridges. Before the meeting, the MP from the faction “prosperous Armenia”, Vahe Enfiajyan said that the force is announcing a boycott of the parliamentary week, because of the current situation in the country.

“Dear deputies, signed by 33 deputies. For four hours not registered the required number of parliamentarians, therefore, today’s meeting is cancelled. We will meet tomorrow at 10:00 (09:00 GMT),” said Babloyan in the Parliament.

On Tuesday, the National Assembly failed to elect a leader of the protest movement Nikol Pashinian to the post of head of government. Voted 45 deputies in the required 53. According to the law, a week later, the Parliament will attempt again to elect a Prime Minister. Otherwise, the legislature will be automatically dissolved.

Protests against the election of ex-President Serzh Sargsyan Prime Minister of Armenia began on April 13. The opposition accuses Sargsyan, who was twice elected to the presidency, mismanagement and the deterioration of the economic situation in the country; on 17 April the opposition announced the beginning of the “velvet revolution”. Despite the protests, the Parliament of Armenia on the same day, Sargsyan was elected head of the Cabinet. Less than a week, 23 April, Sargsyan has resigned amid ongoing protests. Previously entered into force amendments to the Constitution of Armenia, according to which the widest powers will have a Prime Minister.