In Russia evaluated the text of the National Interest on “the worst nightmare” for NATO

MOSCOW, may 26 — RIA Novosti. Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense and security Yuri Svitkin commented in an interview with RT publication The National Interest on “the worst nightmare” of NATO.

Previously the magazine published an article by political analyst Charlie Cook, who said that “heavily armed Kaliningrad,” the worst nightmare of the Alliance.

Svitkin noted that any action of Russia on the placement of weapons in the country is the internal affair of the state.

“All Russia’s actions are in strict compliance with international law. We have defended and will defend our borders by all available means,” he said.
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The MP also stressed that Moscow “has no aggressive plans,” but has the right to respond to the growing military activity near the Russian borders. According to Svitkina, Washington is deliberately pursuing an aggressive policy against Russia, and statements about protecting the interests of allies only serve as her cover.

In March, NATO announced the holding of a large-scale exercise near Russia’s borders, scheduled for October 2018. Against the background of NATO expansion eastward, Russia has deployed in Kaliningrad, “Iskander”. Moscow considers the build-up of forces of the Alliance are groundless, because Moscow has no offensive plans.
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