“Immortal regiment” in liège: the feat of sapper and the family of unnamed heroes

LIEGE, may 6 – RIA Novosti. Commemorative campaign “Immortal regiment” was held on Sunday in the Belgian Liege, the twin city of Volgograd. The event gathered on the war memorial “the Citadel”, where are buried those who fought in the Resistance movement of Soviet military personnel, about 150 people — representatives of Russian-speaking community of Belgium, Embassy of the Russian Federation and public organizations.

Participants of the memorial ceremony brought the portraits of their relatives who fought in the Second world war, flowers and flags, the Russian, Belgian and Soviet. Was performed the national anthems of Belgium and the Russian Federation, representatives of Russian embassies and public organizations delivered solemn speeches sounded wartime songs, which the audience sang along with. This was followed by a prayer, and the column moved on a March through the city streets to the nearby stele in honor of those killed in the two world wars.
“Take them to his family”

On site located on the city hills memorial is a war cemetery and the preserved part of the military fortress where the Nazis shot prisoners. Forty paces separated the prisoners from life to death: at the end of the track where the prisoners were tied to stakes before his execution, now a memorial stone. There’s a large lawn with its towering cross that this place was once a mass grave.

Of course, for me it’s a traditionThis year will go for the first timeI will not participate but will watch the streamNo, I have other plans All polls © RIA Novosti / Oleg Zagonovwar memorial “Wall shot”, where the remains of prisoners of war shot by the German occupiers, in liège, Belgium war memorial “Wall shot”, where the remains of prisoners of war shot by the German occupiers, in liège, Belgium

“Evgeny Dotsenko – Volgograd. His life, his struggle was the fact that liège was the sister city of Volgograd,” — says the head of “Meridian” Ella Bondarev. The Nazis shot Dotsenko elsewhere, but the sign of a special tribute at the military cemetery in Liege was a memorial cross with his name.

According to her, the impulse to devote himself to the preservation of war graves arose many years ago when he moved to Liege, she accidentally saw on the local military cemetery for the burial of the unknown soldier, and on one of the plates was engraved the name of “Kuznetsov”.

“This is the name of my grandfather, who went missing. I have linked special memories. When we started out, connected museums, the military, it turned out that he was a young fighter from Kaliningrad, not my grandfather. But I still know what’s coming to him. I come here to my grandfather, and Kuznetsov is for my grandfather,” she told RIA Novosti.

According to her, for many years people gather at the memorial on Victory Day to honor the memory of the dead, and in the last three years, there was also a tradition to bring portraits of his who fought in the Second world war and relatives.

“For me, the “Immortal regiment” also means those soldiers who are executed here. To them because no one comes, no one will bring flowers, so I just ask people to make the flowers they brought and accepted them, as they say in my family”, — said Bondarev.
Feat minesweeper

The memorable event was attended by Christian Simon, head of the Belgian Association of former officers, who is also involved in preserving the memory of the events of the Second world war. “We are a circle of like-minded people who see it their duty to preserve the memory of those events, pass it, given that school curricula is no longer held. Most of us in the family were members of the Resistance movement”, he said.

Was from members of a historical group Association “Meridian” learned the history of the Soviet partisan Anatoly Stepanova, who is considered the hero of this region of Belgium. “I’m still trying to track down his relatives. He left the Leningrad front, was a sapper, he was transferred to the Baltic and there shot down the plane on which he flew, he managed to survive but he was captured,” — said Ella Bondarev.
Participants of the action “Immortal regiment” in liège, Belgium. 6 may 2018

“And here in the Belgian Resistance skills Stepanova were especially appreciated. He and his colleagues blew up more than 200 echelons of the Nazi troops. In the summer of 1944 formed around him a group gathered to discuss the next plan, but someone has given them. He was captured, but then he again managed to escape and hide in the tunnels, along with other Soviet military, Ivan Finger,” she says.

And that’s a relative of Christian Simon, were present today at the stocks, tried in a distant 44th save of the Soviet partisan, not extraditing him to the Nazis. Not finding Stepanova, for which they literally hunted the invaders threatened to shoot residents from local villages.

Stepanov then rose to the surface one to save the lives of the hostages. He was tortured and his body thrown into the tunnel. Are grateful for the heroism of the Belgians and to the present day revere the memory of him.
Participants of the action “Immortal regiment” in liège, Belgium. 6 may 2018