Pompeo: “We will do everything possible to us-Korean summit was a success”

U.S. Secretary of state told the journalists about the preparations for the meeting of the leaders of the US and North Korea

“I will not venture to predict will be the outcome of this meeting or not. I can only assure you that, if it happens, we are ready for it,” said U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Tuesday at a briefing at the state Department.

“Chairman Kim asked about the meeting. President trump agreed. We determined the date and time of its holding and continue to work on her organization. Our goal is to achieve a common understanding of what will be discussed,” said Pompeo. “I am optimistic, he added, but there is always a chance that at the last moment something goes wrong, and the meeting will not take place. As the President said – we’ll see.”

Pompeo also confirmed that Washington still regard June 12 as the date for the summit.

He expressed confidence that, if agreement could be reached on the issue of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, America will be able to provide the DPRK with sufficient amount of goods needed to improve the lives of North Korean people.

“I think North Korea will be able to assess the benefits of American investment, technology and know-how,” said Pompeo, noting that this issue was raised during his meeting with Kim Jong-UN in Pyongyang.