On Board crashed in Cuba the ship were 110 people

MEXICO city, may 19 — RIA Novosti. The Boeing 737-200 crashed in Havana. On Board were 104 passengers and six crew members — a total of 110 people. Three women managed to survive, they are in intensive care in serious condition.

Boeing 737-200 that the airline Cubana de Aviacion leased from a Mexican Global Air, crashed shortly after takeoff. The plane was heading from Havana to Holguin. He collapsed on the territory of agricultural crops between the airport named after Jose Marti and a suburb of Havana, Santiago de Las Vegas.

Among the passengers were five foreigners, the rest — the Cubans, the crew was from Mexico. It later emerged that two of the dead were citizens of Argentina. According to the Russian Embassy in Cuba, the Russians on Board was not.

Witnesses said that the plane tried to return to airport after takeoff, but crashed into a power line. According to them, the first rescuers arrived to the scene within 12 minutes after the fall.

Now all the terminals of the Havana airport, Jose Marti continue to work.

The crash was the first for the company Cubana de Aviacion since 1999, follows from the data portal Aviation Safety Network (ASN) that tracks accidents.

Immediately after the accident four people found alive — a man and three women. The man died on the way to the hospital, the women were brought to the intensive care unit of a Havana hospital named after Calixto Garcia in critical condition.

Local TV later reported that one of the women also died, but then denied this information. Victims have multiple fractures, bruises and burns, they assist the Intensivists, surgeons, neurologists, orthopaedists and other specialists.

According to recent reports, the status of women is stable, but the threat has not passed.

“They are stable from the point of view of hemodynamics, but the threat to their life persists because of the development of the serious injuries that they received, they will require intensive medical intervention,” — said the Director of the hospital named Calixto Garcia Carlos Alberto martínez in the channel CubaTV.

He explained that, although the condition of the victims is estimated as heavy with threat for life, after surgery failed to improve hemodynamic control.

The RIA Novosti correspondent, who visited the hospital, confirmed that three of the survivors are in intensive care.
Possible cause

As reported by the Ministry of transport of Mexico, the aircraft was 39 years old. He was released in 1979, but he had all the necessary permits to work.

The Chairman of state Council and Council of Ministers of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Kanel ‘ stated that there will be an investigation of the circumstances of the crash and expressed condolences to the families of the victims. Black boxes not found yet.

Flight engineer serving the flight departed a few minutes early Boeing 737-200, believes that the cause of the crash could be a technical failure.

“For 13 minutes before his fall our crew performing another internal flight Сubana, flew to the province of Santiago de Cuba. We talked to them on the radio, pulled out on the runway <…>. Today around 11 am we, the members of the two crews met in the office of the terminal to have lunch and exchange a few words before the flight. We will never meet again — apparently due to a technical fault that occurred in the aircraft,” — said the flight engineer by the name Joannes portal Cubadebate.

The Cuban Council of state declared a state of official mourning. From six in the morning on may 19, midnight may 20 will lower a little national flags on buildings of governments and military facilities.

Condolences in connection with tragedy expressed Venezuela, Spain, Mexico, France, China, Belarus.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent to the Chairman of the State Council and the Council of Ministers of Cuba Miguel díaz-Bermúdez Canelo condolences.

“The Russian head of state conveyed words of sympathy and support to the families of the victims and wishes a speedy recovery to those who survived this disaster, — the press-service of the Kremlin.

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev also expressed his condolences. “We mourn with the people of Cuba. I ask you, Mr. Chairman, to convey my words of sympathy and support to the families and friends of those killed and wishes a speedy recovery to the survivors,” — said in the telegram.

Boeing, for its part, expressed condolences and said it was ready to provide the necessary technical assistance.
The plane crash in Cuba