The OIC will not allow changes in the status of Jerusalem – the Turkish foreign Minister

Istanbul. May 18. INTERFAX – foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu, at an emergency summit of the organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) Friday called on member countries of the organization to oppose the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel by the international community.

“Declaration after the summit of the OIC emphasize the fact that we will not allow changes in the status of Jerusalem,” said a Turkish diplomat.

“We have to make sure that other countries have not followed the example of the United States and have not established embassies in Jerusalem”, – said M. Cavusoglu.

The Turkish foreign Minister also urged the OIC “to ensure that the Israeli authorities and the military, guides weapons on defenseless people, will be brought to justice”.

The theme of the extraordinary summit of the OIC, convened on the initiative of Turkey, steel clashes between Palestinians and Israelis on the Gaza border.

The summit brought together the heads of several Islamic countries, in particular Jordan, Iran, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Prime Minister of the Palestinian national authority, Rami Hamdallah, Turkish media reported.

The Palestinians go to protest at the border of the Gaza strip and Israel since the end of March, however, the most violent clashes between them and the soldiers of the Israel defense forces began on Monday, when Jerusalem opened the new American Embassy, and the country celebrated the 70th anniversary of the formation of the Jewish state.

Then the victims of the clashes were about 60 people, more than 2 thousand were wounded.