Cyclists gathered to test the knowledge of traffic rules

MP from the party “United Russia” Vitaly Milonov has developed a number of measures aimed at reducing the number of road accidents involving bicycles. The corresponding document was sent to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, reports RT on Friday, may 18.

In particular, the MP proposes to introduce compulsory registration on the portal of state and municipal services to cyclists over 14 years. In addition, they must pass the electronic test of knowledge of traffic rules (SDA).

“According to unofficial statistics, only in Moscow and the region are victims of road accidents involving cyclists each year, hundreds of people, including children. Alas, there are also fatal cases. Most often, riders go on the roadway from the road, not convinced of the safety maneuver, or violate traffic rules while crossing the roads at pedestrian crossings,” said Milonov, commenting on his initiative.

Since April 2014, entered into force paragraph 24 of the SDA of the Russian Federation “Additional requirements for the movement of cyclists and moped drivers,” said portal According to the document, cyclists are subject to all rules of the road pertaining to vehicles.