In Minsk intend to hold the action “Immortal regiment” despite the ban

MINSK, may 7 — RIA Novosti. The action “Immortal regiment” will be held in the capital of Belarus on may 9, despite the lack of permission for it from the city Executive Committee, said the organizer of the action in Minsk Valery drako.

“We filed an application to Minsk city Executive Committee. Unfortunately, in March “Immortal regiment” was denied”, — quotes Agency Sputnik of Belarus of the word Draco.

However, the organizers intend to hold the action “Immortal regiment”. “The Internet is my official message that the action will take place. We were not allowed, but we will take part in a rally in Victory square. We decided for yourself that people will come on holiday with portraits, and we can’t let them down, and therefore should lead them to the Victory square to lay flowers,” said Draco.

According to him, last year the participants came from three points, in the sum of the number of participants in Minsk exceeded 2 thousand people.

On Victory square in Minsk may 9 planned Republican campaign “Belarus remembers”. The Chairman of the Committee on labor, employment and social protection of Minsk city Executive Committee Zhanna Romanovich said that traditionally may 9 during the laying of flowers and wreaths at the Victory square “guys-the students, the activists of the Belarusian Republican youth Union” out with portraits of their relatives who participated in the great Patriotic war. According to her, therefore, the item of the action “Immortal regiment” was present during the events in Minsk.

The action “Immortal regiment” will be held on Victory Day in many countries. People take to the streets with portraits of their relatives who took part in the fighting at the front or worked in the rear during the great Patriotic war.