The representative of the Synodal Department regrets that the ideology of glamour has got into the Church

Moscow. May 16. INTERFAX – First Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Alexander Shchipkov regretted that the ideology of glamour has got into the consciousness of the Orthodox people.

“First of all, the glamour is typical for the so-called liberal Orthodox, who are dragged into the Church elements of the secularist ideology, ersatz religion. There is a mixture, there is a “Maidan theology,” mythology “volunteering” and so on. A hymn to the creative class, the superiority of the “grey jackets” clothed in the new Testament, biblical symbols,” said Alexander Shchipkov, in an interview published on the website “parliamentary newspaper”.

According to him, “all this lives behind a dense veil of secular Christmas events, festival of special effects, materials from the series “How our stars have met with the elders,” and other tinsel”.

“Glamorous religiosity was conceived in the late 1990s as a sermon for the rich, but quickly began to turn to the particular style of consumption “religious services,” he said.

A. Shchipkov noticed that from the Orthodox point of view, the glamour is the beauty, the seduction, the substitution of the truth of Christ than convincing, impressive, but false.

“The Antichrist is here who truly glamorous. Because he’s not just against Christ but instead of Christ. Glamour is always a substitution. In this sense, glamour is a tool of the Antichrist. So those who are engaged in the production of Church magazines, programs, projects, need to be alert to that,” said the Orthodox leader.

In his opinion, the Orthodox glamour currently stalled, its peak was at the zero years, his task was to show the rich goodness and mercy of Christ, but not to show the horror of His death, not to frighten their former beauty that now lies in his coffin “ugly, inglorious, not possessing the view”.

“Instead of Orthodoxy – arcas-Orthodoxy. This is a vivid example of the ravages of glamour in the Church”, – concluded A. Shchipkov.

The full interview, see the section “Monitoring of print media.”