Lost family in the fire kemerovchanin will go into the power of the “United Russia”

Igor Vostrikov, whose family died in a fire in the Kemerovo shopping centre, “Winter cherry”, to take part in the primaries of “United Russia” on elections in regional Council of deputies. It is reported by RBC with reference to the Deputy head of the Executive Committee of the party in the region Stepan Dubkov.

“Igor Vostrikov party preliminary vote to determine the candidates from “United Russia”. Yesterday was the deadline for the submission of applications from those wishing to participate in the primaries of the party on 3 June,” he said. He Vostrikov refused to comment on this information.

A fire in TTS “the Winter cherry” has occurred on March 25. The building was not working emergency exits and warning system. Killed 60 people, most of them children. The investigation is considering several versions of what happened, including arson and faulty wiring. In the case arrested eight people.window._settings.components.videoLoader = window._settings.components.videoLoader || {
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According to Vostrikov, the fire killed his wife, three children and sister. Kemerovchanin became one of the organizers of the rally, which took place in front of the local administration a few days after the fire.

During the campaign, Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev accused the man of trying to PR. “Young man, are you advertized on the hill want?” — said the official. Later Tsivilev on his knees asked forgiveness from the relatives of the dead and injured from the fire.More important news Telegram-channel “Tape days”. Signed!