CIA leak suspect named by the media


A former CIA software engineer the prime suspect in the leaking of a stolen archive of the spy Agency, the secrets of the last year, the US media have shown.

However, after searching his home, prosecutors Joshua Schulte, 29 collected, with 10,000 child abuse images.

He denies the allegations and remains suspected of leaking extensive CIA data to anti-secrecy website Wikileaks.

In March 2017, the Wikileaks published thousands of documents about the spy Agency and the cyber warfare program.

Mr. Schulte designed the malware used to break terrorism suspects and other targets, on the computers of the CIA, for six years. He quits the spy Agency in 2016 work in the private sector.

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In 2017, injury, Codename vault 7, the details of how the CIA can iPhone, of malware and turn off the smart TV devices in the surveillance devices and is believed to be the Agency is the largest leak of classified information.

U.S. authorities launched a criminal investigation at the time, and according to US media, software engineer ‘ s home in New York City was searched within a week.

Agents suspected Mr. Schulte of the distribution of the “national defense information” and said that a court had reported to be “NSA-and CIA-papers”, as well as electronic devices including computer, tablet and phone, the New York Times.

But six months later, in August, instead of 7 leak, US charging him for the safe-prosecutors indicted him on unrelated child pornography charges.

At the end of the Twitter post of @wikileaks

They claim that messages sent by Mr Schulte will propose that he was aware of illegal images are hosted on a server that he created as a business, while a student in the year 2009.

The software engineer, who denies the allegations, is currently in Manhattan, a prison in violation of his bail conditions.
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Mr. Schulte’s family lawyers have repeatedly accuse claims for state prosecutors, either or, you can disable your customers in the chamber 7 allegations.

A U.S. attorney said in January the investigation was still in progress and, Mr. Schulte remained “a target of this investigation”, the Washington Post reported, citing court documents.

Last week, prosecutors in court said they planned to impose in order to file a new indictment in the next 45 days, while his lawyer asked the judge to set a deadline on any espionage charges.

Both the CIA and the US justice Department are yet to comment.