Pakistani authorities did not allow the American military attache to leave the country

They explained that the charges against the diplomat of the criminal case in connection with a traffic accident in which he fell

The failure of the Pakistani authorities to allow an American diplomat to leave the country in connection with its participation in road accident with a deadly outcome has led to increased tensions between the two countries.

The American military attaché Joseph Emmanuel Hall on Saturday, were planning to Board a us military plane at the air base near Islamabad, but it is not allowed. The diplomat had to return to the Embassy, confirmed that the security personnel “Voice of America” on Sunday.

According to them, some of the Embassy staff accompanied the Hall when he arrived at the airbase Nur Khan, where representatives of the immigration authorities told him that he deposited in a government “black list” from-for brought against him and a pending criminal case.

Pakistani authorities argue that the Lobby from Afghanistan flew an American plane that flew back without him.

The representative of the U.S. Embassy refused to comment on the situation with the diplomat and have also refused to confirm or deny that Hall is not allowed to leave the country.

7 APR attache ran a red light in Islamabad, got in an accident in which killed a motorcyclist. The passenger of the motorcycle suffered serious injuries.

The American government expressed deep condolences to the family of the deceased and sympathy to the victims and promised to cooperate fully with local authorities in the investigation.

The family of the deceased Baiga Atika later appealed to the high court of Islamabad, demanding to bring Hall to justice.

Pakistan demanded to deprive Hall of diplomatic immunity to bring the diplomat to justice for his “criminal” act, but Washington refused.

“This level diplomat, not a contractor, and this involves diplomatic immunity. But immunity does not mean that they can flagrantly ignore the laws of the host country, remain unpunished”, – said the correspondent of “voice of America” the leader of the opposition in the Pakistani Senate sherry Rehman former Ambassador of Pakistan to USA.

The day before the Hall was not allowed to leave the country, Pakistani authorities have introduced a coarse-grained travel restrictions on U.S. diplomats and abolished the privileges of the American mission provided by Islamabad in partnership with the United States in the “war on terror”.

The restrictions came into force on Friday – the same day when Washington announced that Pakistani diplomats have five days to request permission to travel a distance of over 40 kilometers from the location of their mission in the United States.

The Pakistan foreign Ministry sent to the Embassy an official letter, which informed that his officials can no longer count on special treatment at airports, and that their cargo will be scanned in the same way as the Luggage of other passengers.

American diplomats are also prohibited “to establish radio communication equipment in residences and safe houses” without prior permission of the government. They also banned the use of tinted glass on cars erandawana transport, as well as set undiplomatic rooms on the official cars.

Pakistan has provided these privileges the United States after joining the war on terrorism 17 years ago.