Muslims have Ramadan starts

Moscow. May 15. INTERFAX – on Tuesday the sun (about half of the ninth evening) Muslims around the world will meet in mosques beginning of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Over the next 30 days from sunrise to sunset they abstain from food and drink.

It is believed that any good deed in this month is rewarded from God 700 times more than in another, and the sins committed during Ramadan, exceed committed at a different time. In the last days of lent, believers are supposed to give the cleansing charity that is obligatory for every Muslim, not needy.

In addition to the time of spiritual purification and perfection, Ramadan for a Muslim is always the memory of the revelation, when on the night of the 27 th day of the sacred month the prophet Muhammad began revelation of the Koran.

The end of Ramadan marks Eid al-Fitr – feast of breaking the fast, which will last three days. This year it falls on June 15.

Earlier today at the Memorial mosque on Poklonnaya hill in Moscow took place the solemn opening of Ramadan Tent. This event is being held for the 13th consecutive year and involves the carrying out of thematic evenings, quizzes and meetings with the guests of honor.

This year the project will be the largest for all history of its existence: it is expected that the tent will accommodate about 500 visitors a day, reports the website of the Council of Muftis of Russia, acting as the organizer of the action.