Facebook has suspended the two hundred applications

This was done as part of the investigation of abuse Cambridge Analytica

Social network Facebook has suspended the two hundred applications in the investigation of the abuse of personal data, which began after the scandal with the British Cambridge Analytica. According to Vice-President of Facebook Have Archibong responsible for working with our partners, applications are suspended to carry out a thorough check on the misuse of data.

However, he noted that more needs to be done to identify all applications that violations of use personal information obtained from Facebook, and it will take time. According to the company Facebook, to date, analyzed thousands of applications.

Reuters reminds that in mid-March, Facebook’s reputation has suffered greatly because of the scandal around the misuse of user data by the British company Cambridge Analytica, which with the help of the information obtained, created dossiers on American voters could influence the presidential elections in 2016 in the United States. In the result, the market value of the company is strongly reduced. The founder of social network mark Zuckerberg apologized for the mistakes made at the hearings in the U.S. Congress.

However, Facebook has restored market capitalization after the publication of the financial report for the first quarter.

“The company did not hide the fact that, considering the apps that have access to a large volume of data, asking questions: why do they have this access and how they use the data. – commented Scott Kessler, Director of CFRA. – It seems that Facebook has found a few applications that would not need to have access to the data. Considering what happened recently, I think they should be very careful approach to this process. They have already started to refuse applications that do not meet their standards, and it is a good sign.”