A report on the causes of deaths of American military personnel in Niger

The authors believe the cause of the incident systematic organizational shortcomings

The U.S. military leadership considers “contradictory” procedure failure of the operations of special forces in Niger, which resulted in the October 4, 2017 killed four American and four Niger soldiers were ambushed by the “Islamic state” near the village of Tongo-Tongo, 200 km from the capital, Niamey.

As reported in Thursday’s eight-page summary, the investigation concluded that the cause of the incident “was not a single fault.”

The authors of the report point to a series of omissions. Thus, detachment of special forces of 12 people is not received from the command permission to join Nigerian soldiers in pursuit of the commander of the IG Dongdu Cafu, who allegedly was in the area.

As a result, according to authorities, the unit was unable to adequately assess the risks associated with this mission and perhaps was not properly equipped.

The report also describes in detail what went wrong after the convoy stopped in Tongo-Tongo, to replenish supplies.

According to investigators, upon arrival at the settlement on American and Nigerien soldiers were attacked by about 100 well-armed and trained militants.

The us military immediately contacted operational base, saying about the ambush, but for 33 minutes and did not call for help.

During the shooting killed an Army Sergeant La David Johnson and staff sergeants Brian black, Jeremiah Johnson and Dustin Wright. In contradiction coming earlier media reports and eyewitnesses, the report States that none of the victims have not been captured and has not undergone suffering before death.

“Four dead in battle soldiers were injured, which resulted in the death instantly or after a short time”, – the report says.

After about 50 minutes after the us military called for reinforcements arrived and the French aircraft flew over the site of the clashes to scare away insurgents and give the rescue teams time to come closer and to evacuate the surviving American and Nigerien military.

The investigation failed to establish whether the rebels any assistance from the residents of Tongo-Tongo.

“Insufficient data to conclude that the residents of Tongo-Tongo voluntarily assisted them,” – said in the report.

The report was based on the results of the investigation, which lasted six months. During this time, the investigators examined evidence at the scene and interviewed 143 of the witnesses, as well as dozens of surviving members of the mission. As reported, the conclusions are based on thousands of pieces of evidence and eyewitness testimony.

Relatives of the dead soldiers and members of Congress have already reported on the results of the investigation, but, according to the authorities, it may take several months before the report will be made public.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of defense instructed the commanders to address “systematic problems” in the planning and implementation of missions.

In Africa is about 7,500 American soldiers and contractors, of which around 800 in Niger.