Bad joke

The employee unworthy of the White house made a joke about Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain became the target of taunts assistant of the President of Donald trump – Kelly Sadler.

According to media reports, refers to two sources, the meeting in the White house, Sadler said that the opinion of McCain, who opposed the appointment to the post of CIA Director candidate proposed by trump, not worth considering, because, “he’s still dying.”

81-year-old Republican McCain has been fighting cancer of the brain.

The white house has not denied the authenticity of this message, but issued a statement which stated: “We respect the service that Senator McCain served our nation. He and his family are in our prayers at this difficult time”.

After it became known about the phrase Kelly Sadler, the Senator’s wife, Cindy McCain wrote on Twitter: “Let me remind you that my husband has a family of seven children and five grandchildren.”

Meghan McCain – the daughter of a Senator expressed surprise that after this incident, Sadler continues to work in the White house.

Relationships of Donald trump and John McCain for a long time were far from ideal.

In the election campaign, trump said he does not consider McCain a hero because he was captured during the Vietnam war (his plane was shot down over territory controlled by the enemy) – the trump avoided the call because he was diagnosed with a spur in the heel.