Melania trump to announce his political initiatives

Priorities first lady are the problems faced by children

US first lady Melania trump in Monday’s event, which announces several policy initiatives related to the care of children.

According to the official representative of first lady Stephanie Grisham, in modern society there are “many problems” faced by children, and initiatives of Mrs. trump are designed to help them cope with these challenges. According to Grisham, the President’s wife will continue to pay attention to the many issues that she did in the past.

So, one of the main points on the agenda of the first lady – social networks and their impact on the lives of children. Another priority issue is the opioid epidemic in the country and how it affects children.

In his speech at the UN in September 2017 Melania trump paid attention to a number of problems faced by children such as bullying, including on the Internet, as well as poverty and various forms of dependence. In October, during his visit to West Virginia, she visited a medical center for young children affected by the abuse of opioids, and earlier this year held a summit on the opioid crisis in the White house.