Betting firm ‘error problem players

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Operator of online gaming LeoVegas is the payment of £627,000 for misleading ads and not the protection of vulnerable customers, the Gaming Commission has said.

LeoVegas did not “take all reasonable steps” to stop the problem of players who had requested the removal of their websites, the watchdog said.

The move comes after the Gambling Commission imposed a 1 million-pound penalty in the Sky Bet in the month of March for a similar breach.

The guardian promised to be “tough” with those who do not comply with the standards.

The Gambling Commission said LeoVegas was unable to return the funds to 11,205 customers who had “self-excluded”, that is to say, he called on the betting companies to refuse their service.

He had also sent marketing materials to 1,894 people who had self-excluded, as well as allowing the 413 previously self-excluded customers to play again without first talking.

In addition, he was responsible of 41 misleading ads of web sites that were unclear or omitted important information about their promotional offers.

The commission said that LeoVegas had acknowledged the breaches and had made changes to fix the problems.