Stanislav Kutsenko: We need to give people an alternative – how and from whom they will receive services of the state

To combat domestic corruption in getting administrative services important is the accumulation of changes in Ukrainian legislation regarding the formation of legal basis for the collection of service charges service centers, and the involvement of representatives of the business sector to provide public administrative services in various fields on the principles of state-private partnership is a common practice in developed countries – said the head of the Main territorial administration of justice in Kiev, Stanislav Kutsenko, reports “UKRINFORM”.

Kutsenko said that the citizen will have at least three alternatives to public services online, public service center and the service center, which runs on the outsource, when employed by a private company, passed the appropriate checks by the state.

Protection of personal data, to which accesses by a private company for the performance of its functions, provides transparent competitions, accreditation and government contracts. This gives you the opportunity to obtain assurance that such counterparty will meet all of its assets, and managers face criminal liability in the event of significant irregularities or abuses.

In addition, according to officials, the involvement of private companies to provide public services will accelerate the introduction of electronic services and to penetrate the most remote places of human habitation in rural and mountainous areas.

“Thanks to the creation of service centers, Ukrainians as a people in European countries need to forget about the cramped spaces of public authorities, where the winter cold and in summer it is impossible to hide from the heat,” says Kutsenko.

Kutsenko called a priority system of justice in General and justice of the city of Kiev – to deal with that “when people go “on the nod”.