The foreign Minister of Macedonia said the reasons for the expulsion of a Russian diplomat from the country

STRASBOURG, 24 APR-news, Christina Moon Rodriguez. Foreign Minister of Macedonia Nikola Dimitrov spoke to PACE about the reasons for the expulsion of a Russian diplomat from the country and the desire to join NATO.

Macedonia in late March adopted a decision to expel a Russian diplomat in connection with the incident in Salisbury, where he was poisoned by a British spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.

On Tuesday at PACE speaks and answers questions of the parliamentarians, the head of the Macedonian Ministry of foreign Affairs. During the session of questions to the German MP Andrej Hunko recalled the incident in Salisbury. He asked the foreign Minister of Macedonia, why his country without waiting for the outcome of the investigation in the “case in Salisbury”, took part in the expulsion of diplomats.

“The investigation is still going, evidence yet, but, nevertheless, many European countries expelled diplomats. Other countries, however, did not. I want to ask you, why Macedonia participated in the expulsion of diplomats?”, — asked the Deputy. He added that, in his opinion, “from the point of view of a legal state, it’s not the most clever was the decision”: decision of the investigation no conclusions have been made.

The foreign Minister of Macedonia replied that “this decision was made after careful consideration of many elements.” According to him, this was done “in solidarity with Britain in order to protect its own security.”

“We had internal reasons related to the fact that people under diplomatic cover were engaged in illegal activities, in particular, the collection of sensitive information,” said Dimitrov.

“This happened after the press release that was published with Moscow, which said that our commitment to NATO is not a positive step from the point of view of regional stability and we would like to small and large States abide by the will of our people, we have more than 70% of the population that this issue was resolved finally, was the Charter (19)93, it was one of our first declarations concerning the country’s entry into NATO,” he added.

Dimitrov also noted that the desire of Macedonia to join NATO is not directed against any country.

“We just believe that this will contribute to our stability, that would get rid of foreign influence in our region and that our region will develop, despite the possibility of friction between Russia and the West from the point of view of promotion of our region”, — said the foreign Minister of Macedonia.
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