Salah will be awarded a plot of land in a sacred place for the perfect representation of Islam

Liverpool defeated Roma in the first leg of the Champions League (5:2) and Mohamed Salah scored a brace and two assists.

The next day after the fight there is information that the municipality of the city of Mecca is going to give Salah a plot of land near the main mosques of the world, al-Haraam.

“Salah is a perfect representative of Islam in the world community, so he deserves a high honor. If the government of Saudi Arabia will approve of the idea of the municipality, then the fats will get possession of a plot of land next to the Masjid al-Haram”, – quotes the Vice-President of the municipality of Mecca, Fahd al-Rouki resource Bleacher Report.

It is also noted that if the government rejects such ideas, on the site built a mosque named Salah or the land will sell, and the money will give the striker of Liverpool.

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Earlier it was reported that Salah has overtaken Messi in the fight for the Golden ball according to the bookmakers.

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