Kiev paralyzed by traffic

Traffic in the Central part of Kiev on Friday, April 27, is paralyzed, due to formation of huge traffic jams. About it follows from the data of Google Maps.

In particular, as of 14:00 machines are near metro Theatre, University, Lev Tolstoy Square, Palace of sport, station, Postal area, one-bedroom apartment in the hydro, Friendship of peoples, Khreschatyk, Golden gate, Svyatoshino.

In addition, due to an accident traffic jam has formed on the Big ring road, Victory Avenue, at the intersection of the Melnikova str. and the street Teligi street Vadim. Hetman, on the Boulevard of Lesya Ukrainka, on the prospect of Stepan Bandera and building Science.

Besides, on the Boulevard of Taras Shevchenko near the metro Nivki on Friday undergoing renovations.