In Kiev, EuroBLECH turned Fret: both drivers suffered

Late on Thursday evening, April 26, at riverside road accident involving a Volkswagen and a VAZ 2108.

It is noted that Volkswagen was at the Lithuanian register. Lada has turned the VW stuck in the granite barrier. Details of the accident told the police edition

Volkswagen at high speed caught up with VAZ in the ass and blow a late start to circle the way, and then he twice turned over in the air and landed on its wheels. EuroBLECH driver lost control, went off the road and stopped on the granite parapet. Cars involved in the accident is very broken, both drivers were hospitalized, they have closed cherepno-a brain trauma and a thorax bruise.

The causes of the incident will deal a consequence. The accident at the side of the hem formed a huge, several kilometers tube.

We will remind, on April 26 in Kyiv, the foreigner, Volkswagen brought down the person. The driver was in shock and also spoke Russian, so could not coherently explain what happened.