May 1 in Kyiv started the preparation for the reconstruction Shulyavska overpass

May 1 begins the preparation for the reconstruction of the transport interchange at the intersection of Victory Avenue from the street Vadym Hetman (Shulyavska overpass). Considering the traffic pattern at the time of the works. This was reported on the website of the KSCA.

For traffic control will be installed 3 lights, moved the contact network for the smooth movement of the trolley and made Mafy with radius reconstruction.

The estimated construction period of 17 months.

At the present time there are changes:traffic on the street, Alexander Dovzhenko street Hetman (to karavaevy Duch) will occur on the streets: Anton Tzedeka (St. Eugene pottier), Peter Nesterov, out on Victory Avenue (the section of Victory Avenue will be installed a temporary traffic light), garmatna, Vyborg and return on the street Vadym Hetman.on the street Vadym Hetman – street Alexander Dovzhenko (to O. Teliga str.) will be kept in the existing exit at Victory Boulevard with the possibility of direct crossing of the Avenue with on street Alexander Dovzhenko (on this site also will be installed a temporary traffic light).unilateral will of the street of Anton Tzedeka (eugène pottier) to St. Peter Nesterov and Nesterov St. Peter In the direction of Victory Avenue (will be installed a temporary traffic light).trolleybus movement on the part of the Sevastopol area on the street Vadym Hetman to have the final stop “Industrial bridge”. From the side of the street Teligi street Alexander Dovzhenko – “Zelena”.Pedestrians will use the underground and ground transport, which also will be installed a traffic light.On behalf of the mayor Vitaly Klitschko, the traffic on the overpass over the prospect of Victory is scheduled to start before the end of this year.