The legend of Manchester United and Arsenal would Like to play to 40 years old

Former striker of Arsenal and Manchester United’s Robin van Persie, now protects colors of Feyenoord, spoke about how difficult it is to maintain game shape at his age.

“The time will come when I have to be honest with myself – as it is now. Fans, like me, happy that we won the Dutch Cup, and I’m glad that helped. But people don’t know about the other side – the last three weeks I went to bed at 10 PM, I ate only certain foods at certain times.

I have to abide by many rules so I could play matches like the final, and sometimes it’s hard. In addition, sometimes the recovery from injury takes longer than we would like.

Of course, I want to play, but you have to be honest – sometimes I get tired of fighting with itself. I’m happy playing Feyenoord. I’m glad I had boys. I would like to play to 40 years and help the team. But time will tell what will happen next”, – quotes the words of van Persie

Feyenoord beat AZ Alkmaar in the Cup final of Holland with the score 3:0. One of the goals scored 34-year-old van Persie.

Earlier it was reported that the legendary England player for the third time will be a father at the age of 51 years.

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