Mercedes-Benz C-Class L receives extension for China

Mercedes-Benz has produced an extended version of its C-Class to the Chinese market, and it is shown that the new model in public at the motor show in Beijing.

The Class C of L, as it is called, is 80 mm longer than its regular brother of the provide rear passengers with more legroom. The Occupants in the back may also electronically control the front passenger seat to free up more space.

The power comes from the same choice of engines offered with the regular car. The latest C-Class is available with a 48v electrical architecture with a belt-driven alternator to provide a lightweight hybrid boost performance and efficiency.

Mercedes C-Class L is one of several long-wheelbase models to be launched in Beijing, in order to meet the unique preference of Chinese customers for more rear legroom. It has also introduced A Sedan Class, while Audi launched the Q5L.

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