Korean Air ‘nut rage’ sisters step down


The CEO of Korean Air has said that his two daughters are to resign after the incidents that led to allegations of abuse of power within the company.

The Police investigation, the youngest daughter, Cho Hyun-min, after that it would have splashed water on a colleague’s face.

Her older sister’s infamous delayed a flight in 2014, a package of nuts – and served time in prison for the incident.

In a press release, their father apologized to the public and its employees.

Cho Yang-ho said his daughters would be stripped of all their responsibilities, Yonhap news agency reports.

Both cases made headlines in the country, and to reopen a national debate about the Korean business system, which is dominated by family firms known as chaebols.Is the possible reform of South Korea’s family-run business empires?

Ms. Cho, 36, apologized for his “stupid and irresponsible behavior” in the most recent incident earlier this month.

Cho Hyun-min, also known as Emily, who was vice-president of the company, would have lost his composure, because she was unhappy with answers to his questions in a meeting. She refused to throw in the water, but allowed to shake up the advertising agency responsible.

Dozens of online petitions to the South Korean presidential website has been launched, demanding that she be punished.

The airline has already been observed closely after the chief executive of the eldest daughter, Cho Hyun-ah, also known as Heather in English, rammed into a rage when macadamia nuts were served in a bag and not on a plate on a Seoul-bound flight from New York four years ago.

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Ms. Cho, 44, has been convicted of a violation of aviation safety, coercion and abuse of power in 2015 and has spent five months in prison.

She had been back at work for less than months, the executive of the airline, hotel affiliate, when her father announced his decision to resign on Sunday.

The sisters are granddaughters of the founder of Hanjin Group, one of South Korea’s massive family-run business empires.

Their brother, Cho Won-tae, remains president and chief operating officer of Korean Air.

According to Yonhap, Korean Air, offices and houses of the three little ones were wanted by the police, on Thursday, in the middle of separate allegations, they had avoided paying duties on luxury products.