May holidays-2018: where in Kiev to fry a shish kebab

From April 27 to may 1 in Ukraine official holidays. Traditionally Ukrainians families or friends going on “may day” near reservoirs or in the forest-Park zones.

It’s legal to have a picnic in the capital only in designated areas. Officially, Kyiv 38 recreational areas where you can build a fire and roast shashlik. The greatest number of places to picnic in the Goloseevsky district of Kiev, and in the center to fry the kebab at the may prudniki – nowhere.

For unauthorized fire in the parks and gardens, a penalty of 340 UAH to 1360 UAH. Park of friendship of peoples

There is a free picnic areas in the Gulf of “St. George”, the banks of the Desenka. As to cut the branches in the Park is impossible, the wood must bring. Need to stock up food and trash bags – trash cans here. However, as toilets. The grill area in the Park of Friendship of peoples (photo:

In addition to the barbecue in the Park you can sunbathe, because there are several clean sandy beaches and boating. On the territory of the Park has a cafe, restaurants, Park, sports entertainment. For those who prefer a picnic with comfort, there are rental kiosks in the holiday complexes on the island Trukhanov: Shaka grill, OLO cafe, Surf Village, Zozulya BBQ, Reno Park.

How to get there: Kiev, M. Petrivka. Park of friendship of peoples, stop the Park of Friendship of Peoples to the Moscow bridge (the junction of the Moskovsky Prospekt and Prospekt Generala Vatutina) any transport route that goes to troieschyna. Pushcha-Voditsa

In Pushcha-Voditsa are going to breathe clean air, but at the same time and have a picnic. It equipped a special zone on the shores of the lakes: Goradia, Karachun, Sapaev pond. Latest in pure water, and then in the lake you can swim. At the boat station rental catamarans.

May holidays 2018 in Pushcha Vodytsya (photo:

Near the ponds there is a garden “furniture” in the form of stumps, homemade tables and benches, stone barbecues. Everything you need for a barbecue you can take with you or rent the grill and buy the firewood at the entrance to the Chamber. Going into the Forest must be remembered that at the weekend it’s very crowded here and take the place – is problematic.

How to reach: M. Kyiv Heroes of Dnepr, then any means of transport. Tram # 12 from Kontraktova M., pasadizo stop “14 line”. Obolon

Obolon has only two areas: “emerald” – next to an orchard near the water, and “Float” is a small bath complex.

The “Emerald” with two dozen wooden gazebos and awnings with a grill. Rent cost 700 UAH. In addition to the barbecue you can relax in the sauna, rent a boat, water skiing, fishing.

“Float” is not such a large complex of only 7 pavilions, but with direct access to the Dnieper. The cost of renting a shed – from 500 UAH.

There is in the Obolon and “wild” areas for a picnic, for example, on the street. – “Mezhigorsky”, where you can hide from a large number of people.

How to get there: Kiev. M. Heroes of Dnepr, prirechnaya ENEA

On the territory of “Expocentre” is not one kebab town, the most famous – Koliba the Island. Free vacation there’s no need to rent a gazebo or a canopy with benches, tables and barbecue.

2018 feast on the VDNH territory (photo:

Firewood you can bring your own or buy on the spot. There’s plenty of room for outdoor games and a Playground. The cost of the canopy or tent – from 300 UAH, a separate grill hire -from 50 UAH.

How to get there: Kiev, M. Exhibition center. Holosiivskyi Park

Here two lakes: Dedurovka and Sports. In the first feature about thirty wooden gazebos, each with a grill. Near the complex includes Parking, cafes have toilets. The gazebo will cost 400 UAH, grill – 50 UAH. Carry your firewood or buy at the store in the Park. As entertainment will offer fishing, table tennis, paddle boats or boats. For children there are trampolines, pony rides.

Barbecue in the Park goloseyevsky (photo:

Near the “Sporting” a similar service, only the gazebo located at the edge of the pond.

How to get there: Kiev. M. Holosiivska, Vasylkivska M. any transport going to the Park Svyatoshino

In this area the most popular area for a picnic I think the base of “the World.” It is located in a pine forest on the shore of the lake. There are seven canopies, the furniture made of logs. Kindle fire on makeshift barbecues or those that will bring. Directly to drive up to the lake, no cars should be left along the road.

May kebabs 2018 at Svyatoshino (photo:

Near the zone there is no toilets, waste bins are placed. All products need to carry with them, something to buy is not possible, and the closest store is a kilometer from the recreation area. To have fun on their own, to swim in the lake because of the poor sanitary condition is not recommended.

How to get there: Kiev, M. Svyatoshin Husbandman

Enjoy a picnic on the shores of lake Blue really coming even light – close to several supermarkets, where they learn everything from “A” to “z”. This point is a long time in the Viticulture woods popular among the people of Kiev, as well located and one can reach here from any part of the city by public transport. In a pine forest about a dozen sheds, wooden tables, benches, homemade special places for bonfires, a children’s Playground.

How to get there: Kiev, crossing of Svobody Prospekt and Prospekt Georgiya Gongadze. Multiple transport with Obolon.

A complete list of city recreational areas of Kiev and its suburbs: Berkovets Husbandman Tower Birch Shevchenko Mezhigorskaya Goranska Guerrilla Bor Pearl Vydritsa Irpen Area them. Kotsyubinskogo The world Nivki Pine forest Svyatoshino Dnepr Privetnoye Welcome Koncha-Zaspa Birch grove Forest well Demydivka Trostyanets Oaks Yalinka The memory of the fallen in the great Patriotic War Birch Health Rainbow Roadside Belaya Dubrava Green lawn Birch grove Puhovskaja Kalynivka Privetnoye

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