At the initiative of Tymoshenko earned the Centre for the protection of Kiev

At the initiative of Yulia Tymoshenko Kyiv city centre IN the Fatherland created the defense Center of Kiev – an Organization that addresses problems of residents of the capital. Contact HBC can with any questions by phone hotline 0 (800) 302019, through the organization’s website or in person by visiting the district visiting the waiting room.

In HBC you can get free legal help, get computer training or support in implementing their own ideas in favor of the city.

In addition to legal advice Center embodies a socio-educational project “Digital literacy“. It’s free computer courses for pensioners, where they are taught remotely to pay for utility bills, order prescriptions, communicate with loved ones using Skype. The project is ongoing, and groups are invited to attend.

For major holidays, the Center initiates charity campaign. Especially for Easter for the believers of the Kyiv Patriarchate, Ukrainian Orthodox Church was consecrated and handed over 6000 PASOK.

The center is implementing the project useful tips that can help you save time and money. How to make a contract with your doctor? How to get a subsidy for utilities? The answers to these and other questions can be obtained at the Centre for the protection of people of Kiev or the organization’s website.

“In Kiev cell IN the Fatherland receives a large number of requests to solve domestic and legal issues. So we created a separate organization – the Centre for the protection of Kiev. The Chairperson of the Centre is a human rights activist Vitaly Nestor,“ – said the head of Kyiv city Batkivshchyna Volodymyr Bondarenko in his interview to the Kyiv of the word.

According to him, within a few months, the organization worked in test mode. Now in each district of Kyiv has a full running away with each of the qualified lawyers. During this time the organization has treated 3,200 citizens.